gbr-issue-108Fall 2020: “In Decent Seas” in Southern Indiana Review.

Fall 2020: “The Busted Maraca” in The Greensboro Review.

My current manuscript Wolf Trees is a semi-finalist for the 2020 Brittingham and Pollak Poetry Prizes at the University of Wisconsin – many thanks to the editors and readers!

Fall 2020: “Breast Milk” in the October issue of POETRY magazine.

Fall 2020: “Flashes in All Directions,” “Elsa in the Maw,” and “The Mother’s Stomach, a Kind of Tree” in the Michaelmas (and inaugural) issue of Trinity House Review. With audio here.


Wolf Trees was a finalist for Sarabande’s Morton Prize in Poetry: congratulations to the 2020 winner Elizabeth Hughey and her collection White Bull, selected by Alberto Ríos!

Summer 2020: “And It Came to Pass in Those Days” in Image

Summer 2020: “The Making of a Mullet” and “If You Secretly Wish Your Child Could Be Secretly Baptized,” in Grist

Spring 2020: “Hawk on the Halo Cross,”John Wayne Brings Wyatt Earp a Cup of Coffee,” and “Arrangement” in Dappled Things’ Candlemas Issue

Winter 2020: “Eye Cup” and “When You Were Tracy and I Was Hepburn” (click to listen) in Able Muse

Winter 2020: “Back-Up Singers” in Quiddity 12.2 Ecotone spring 2018 cover

Summer 2019: “The Rash” and “Musculature” in Pericles at Play

Spring 2019: “A Paraklausithyron” in Pleiades

Spring 2019: Three new poems in What Rough Beast: “Deseeding the Pomegranate, I Think of You,” “Pregnant Ninja,” and “On His Beauty.”

Winter 2019: “I Listen like Nausikaa to NPR” in Arion

Summer 2018: two new poems, “The Gall” and “Inaugural” in What Rough Beast, Indolent Books’ poem-a-day project

A new poem on a new creature, the coywolf, in Ecotone‘s spring 2018 issue

Summer 2018: Three poems in volume two of Jesus the Imagination

Excerpts from my translation-in-progress of Homer’s Iliad, at Exchanges Literary Journal (fall 2017)

Bed of Impatiens was the 2017 Ohioana Awards Readers Choice in Poetry! Thanks to all who voted ❤️

Bed of Impatiens is a finalist for the 2017 Ohioana Award in poetry! Honored to be in this group with Martha Collins, Teri Ellen Cross Davis, John Matthias, and James J Siegel

“Hartsock’s book has very little to do with a literal bed of flowers, but rather more to do with lying down in a bed of various desires that requires or inspires a restless (and lyrically fruitful) impatience” : a review of Bed of Impatiens at NewPages.com ~

All bound up with Saint Augustine, ambiguity, and bedrooms: interview with RHINO poetry journal

On translating abandonment into abandon: contributor spotlight for Midwestern Gothic

From RHINO 2016 (purchase a copy here): “On the Heat of Upstate Travel in the Advancing Polar Air”

Two poems, “Crazy” and “Myrmidons,” from Arion

“The Sister Karamazov” from Michigan Quarterly Review‘s Spring 2015 Issue receives the 2015 Page Davidson Clayton Prize for Emerging Poets from Michigan Quarterly Review.

“Onion,” from Iron Horse Literary Review‘s 2014 Open Issue

“A fantasy we live by” – Read a review of A Good Wall in Galatea Resurrects.

“My Labor, and My Leisure Too” is a finalist for Midwestern Gothic’s 2015 Lake Prize. Order Issue 20 (Winter 2016) here.

Buy a copy of the anthology Down to the Dark River: Poems about the Mississippi River (Louisiana Literature Press, 2015): I’m thrilled to have two of my poems included among those of Dick Allen, Joseph Bathanti, Kelly Cherry, Malaika Favorite, Ava Leavell Haymon, Yusef Komunyakaa, Ted Kooser, Linda Pastan, Virgil Suarez, and Natasha Trethewey.

Two poems from the “Hotels, Motels, and Extended Stays” sequence in Southwest Review

A sonnet, “Cuticles”;  listen here, with thanks to RHINO.

Poem from the HMES sequence in DIAGRAM