May 2, 2023: “Download the App and We’ll Plant a Tree” featured
in Rattle‘s Poets Respond ~ watch a reading on Rattlecast 192

April 2023: “The Observation Artist” in  MER aladib cover 2023

March 2023: Many thanks to the amazing Dunya Mikhail,
who translated four poems from Wolf Trees
into Arabic for the literary journal Aladib

“Marriage Bed with Medical Devices” and “Needle in a Haystack” in the Spring/Summer 2022 issue of Beloit Poetry Journal.

Easter Sunday 2022 | my poem “Easter,” from my first book Bed of Impatiens, was PoetryFoundation.org’s Poem of the Day

April 2022 | “When the world is drowning in Ovid”: “Covid’s Metamorphoses” included in Pangyrus‘ print anthology, Underlying Conditions. And, watch a reading on Pangyrus‘ YouTube channel.

Winter 2022 | “A diabetic learns her body’s mathematics”: “Glucose Tablets” in Iron Horse Literary Review iron horse 2022 cover

Happy Valentine’s Day | “Tree Wolf,” Poem of the Week at The Missouri Review

February 2022 |  “Returned” and “Birchcrest Avenue” in Dunes Review 25.2

February 2022 |  “Studies in Devotion” and “The Vagabonds Between Us” at Mezzo Cammin

January 2022 | “The Nipple Shield of Achilles” in The Kenyon Review; audio available here

January 2022 | “Grotto” and “Poem Titled Something Like ‘Windows'” in Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment

November 2021 | “The Vindicator” in Ecotone 30

November 2021 | “To the Iceman Ötzi” in THRUSH 19-1-cover

Fall 2021 | “Negative” in The Threepenny Review

Fall 2021 | “To Dervla Murphy’s Mother, in a Time of Quarantine,” in the October issue of The New Criterion

Fall 2021 | “Trying,” in Nimrod’s special issue: Beginnings and Endings

Summer 2021 | “Appearances and Realities” in 32 Poems

Spring 2021 | all the wolf trees! : “Wolf Trees,” “Wolf Tree Beneath the Gown,” “Lying In,” “The Wolf Tree in Film,” and “Where the Wolf Tree Nurses” in Birmingham Poetry Review.gbr-issue-108

Fall 2020 | “In Decent Seas” in Southern Indiana Review. 

Fall 2020 | “The Busted Maraca” in The Greensboro Review.

Fall 2020 |  “Breast Milk” in Poetry magazine.

Fall 2020 | “Flashes in All Directions,” “Elsa in the Maw,” and “The Mother’s Stomach, a Kind of Tree” in Trinity House Review.


Summer 2020 | “And It Came to Pass in Those Days” in Image

246b8725254e73caf1425bb0d9b67ba2d27906deSummer 2020 | “The Making of a Mullet” and “If You Secretly Wish Your Child Could Be Secretly Baptized,” in Grist

Spring 2020 | “Hawk on the Halo Cross,”John Wayne Brings Wyatt Earp a Cup of Coffee,” and “Arrangement” in Dappled Things’ Candlemas Issue

Winter 2020 |  “Eye Cup” and “When You Were Tracy and I Was Hepburn” (click to listen) in Able Muse

Winter 2020 |  “Back-Up Singers” in Quiddity 12.2

Summer 2019: “The Rash” and “Musculature” in Pericles at Play

Spring 2019 | “A Paraklausithryon” in Pleiades

Spring 2019: Three new poems in What Rough Beast: “Deseeding the Pomegranate, I Think of You,” “Pregnant Ninja,” and “On His Beauty.”

Winter 2019: “I Listen Like Nausikaa to NPR” in Arion Ecotone spring 2018 cover

Summer 2018: two new poems, “The Gall” and “Inaugural” in What Rough Beast

A new poem on a new creature, the coywolf, in Ecotone‘s spring 2018 issue

Summer 2018: Three poems in volume two of Jesus the Imagination

Excerpts from my translation-in-progress of Homer’s Iliad, at Exchanges Literary Journal (fall 2017)

Bed of Impatiens was the 2017 Ohioana Awards Readers Choice in Poetry! Thanks to all who voted ❤️

From RHINO 2016 (purchase a copy here): “On the Heat of Upstate Travel in the Advancing Polar Air”

Two poems, “Crazy” and “Myrmidons,” from Arion

“The Sister Karamazov” from Michigan Quarterly Review‘s Spring 2015 Issue receives the 2015 Page Davidson Clayton Prize for Emerging Poets from Michigan Quarterly Review.

“Onion,” from Iron Horse Literary Review‘s 2014 Open Issue

“A fantasy we live by” – Read a review of A Good Wall in Galatea Resurrects.

“My Labor, and My Leisure Too” is a finalist for Midwestern Gothic’s 2015 Lake Prize.

Poem from the Hotels, Motels, and Extended Stays sequence in DIAGRAM, (with a bonus recipe for whiskey cake)