Two new poems, “The Gall” and “Inaugural” in What Rough Beast, Indolent Books’ poem-a-day online project “exploring and responding to our nation’s political reality.”

Excerpts from my translation-in-progress of Homer’s Iliad, at Exchanges Literary Journal (fall 2017)

From RHINO 2016 (purchase a copy here): “On the Heat of Upstate Travel in the Advancing Polar Air”

Two poems from Arion

“The Sister Karamazov” from Michigan Quarterly Review‘s Spring 2015 Issue.

“Onion,” from Iron Horse Literary Review‘s 2014 Open Issue

Two poems from the “Hotels, Motels, and Extended Stays” sequence in Southwest Review

A sonnet, “Cuticles”;  listen here, with thanks to RHINO.

Poems from the HMES sequence in:

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